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Thursday, February 8th, 2007
10:48 am - Just saying hi for the 1st time

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
6:53 am - Hello

Hey this is my first post to this community, I am 20 and in college. I have been studying various occult things for a few years and have recently (about a year ago) become active in my practice. My problem is that it seems like few people locally are even on my level which I feel is fairly rudementry. I also am not real familiar with online communities so I am feeling them out. I believe I can be useful as I am known for a clear head and some knowledge on these subjects my hope is to be a blessing to you and to be blessed in return.

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Friday, September 2nd, 2005
10:44 am - auction to benefit pet rescue

Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts and How To Invite Them Into Your Life by DJ Conway

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
7:08 pm - thoughts

I just wrote to a few friends,
and thought I would share my thoughts:

>Why are we here?

well the short answer is :

to make the world a better place,
the world has so much potential
and there are also so many things
going wrong, causing pain, etc..

and we are able to make a difference,
so we should. And we can be most fulfilled
by relieving peoples pain, and bringing happiness.

The shorter answer is to become enlightened.

The long answer will unfold the more we speak.

>Do you know the secrets of the universe?



Whats been important for you lately?

I've been really focussing on effectiveness.
Cutting out actions, conversations and thoughts
which aren't for world improvement.
I know its a tall ask, but if everyone was 100%
on task, then our world would be angelic...

so its what I'm aiming for.

I have also been contemplating what is important
and effective. What is most important is an
enlightened world, where people are not slaves
to their minds and programs.

This would lead to a happy world, a world of peace
and connection between all life.

I have been contemplating as to the most effective
way to bring optimal enlightenment to the most people
in the quickest possible time.

are you still planning inspirational media,
movies - music - books?



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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
10:29 pm - Hi

Hi, I'm Bill. I am not a participant in any magical undertakings at the moment but am looking forward to learning as much as possible about magic as I can. That is where I hope you fine folks come in. I am very excited that I found a comunity that is dedicated to this knowledge and would appreciate all the help I can get in starting to understand it.

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Friday, August 20th, 2004
1:55 am

hey my name is alais im new to the community. i have a BIG problen see me my brother his friend and his friends fiance all do witchcraft. my bro does white while mark and miza do grey. i unforunatly do black. i got really drpressed today and somehow released Malocchio. when that happened i went into a trans and cursed alot of people. for my brother and friends to stop it they had to form a circle and speak something. due to this my malocchio went into resubmission and i passed out for 3 hours. when i came to they were doing a ritual to cleanse the house and put several protection spells on them and the house. im afriad that my malocchio will come out again if i get that depressed and angry. my question is what i should do to prvent it. now im only looking for serious answers on how do stop it from happening again thanks for ur time

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Monday, April 19th, 2004
6:36 pm

I was wondering if anyone can recommend or discourage any of these books or authors...

Patricia Telesco

Gypsy Magic - Partinella Cooper

The Real Witches Book of Spell and Rituals - Kate West

Alphabet of Spells - Elen Hawke

Ann Moura

Gerina Dunwich

or can you recommend any other books...?

*cross-posted in a lot places*

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
11:46 pm - Advice

I need a few opinions on something, guys. I know this needs to be my decision,b ut I really want to see what insight others might have into this.
I'm getting a tattoo done, probably sometime next week. As it stands, it's a pentacle with an ouroborous wrapped around the circle (the one eating its tail, not the tail-curled-in one) What I'm having trouble deciding on is the coloration to use for it. It's going to be at the base of my spine, so I was going to make the snake rainbow colored to reflect some kundalini serpent symbolism, but once I saw the snake drwn out I just knew is was green. It also occured to me to keep the snake green but make the pentacle rainbow (it's faceted, kinda three dimensional looking, so colors would be added inside a black outline). Then I thought about keeping the pentacle black, the snake rainbow, and putting vines intertwined in the star to include some green. I kinda feel like that would be too busy, though. Essentially I'm frustrated because I really wanted the rainbow symbolism in there, to honor all the facets of human experience without over emphasizing any one in particular...

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003
12:33 am - Witch, witch, you're a witch

Hi there.

I am new to this community, and thought that I would announce my presece!

I am an 18 year old female and I have an interest in witchcraft. I would call myselft a pagan, and a witch, but I haven't found exactley where to I belong. And honestly, I'm not interested in that either. I take apon myself knowledge and practice my beliefs.

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Thursday, October 16th, 2003
8:36 pm - I Know It's Been A While...

Hey there folks.. I know it's been a while since I've posted here.. But I am being asked to give a presentation on making one's own magickal tools(the benefits etc.) and also how to prepare a 'altar to go' next month on the 4th. So I am preparing my material now and I was hoping people might read it and give me some advice as to what I could clarify etc. All comments would be greatly appreciated. Just go here and all will be revealed!sabra_hadaas

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
10:44 am - Chromotherapy

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted, but I have a question that might best be answered by you all. :)

I'm looking at the possibility of buying a house in the near future. If I am able to buy the house, I would like to paint some of the rooms according to their purpose/function/the kind of energy that I would like to flow there. To do this, I need some information as regards color therapy. What various colors mean, which would be better in a particular setting, so on and so forth. Can anyone point me to some good books on the subject or, preferablly, a website or something similar that details such things? I may go book hunting tonight and if I have to pay for the information, I wanted it to be good information.


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Friday, December 13th, 2002
10:54 am - Colour Healing Through Meditation from Atham-Z's December Psychic Newsletter

I have not had the time to try this out yet but it looks as though it may have a great deal to offer. I don't want to lose the information so I'm posting it here. If anyone wishes to try this and relate their experiences I'd love to know your results!

Atham-Z's newsletter address is below...

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Friday, September 6th, 2002
5:17 pm - Sorry about the cross posting:)

But I wanted to introduce myself a bit (since I feel like I've been lurking) and invite everyone to join in a new community of mine.

I have been studying the craft for 10 years, and most of that was solitary. I became a coven-member last year and am loving the group experience...but I think I am an eclectic solitary at heart :) My path is of the green/kitchen witchery side... and I worship from many pantheons. I have a love for all things herbal, aromatherapy, oils, incenses, whatnot. I love to cook and am a sucker for a good recipe;) I have been reading this community for a while now and am enjoying all the posts:)

I would like to extend an invitation to my new community loeildelesprit. I set up this community as a forum to discuss various alternative techniques out there for exploring the path to the benefit of our visually and hearing impaired brothers and sisters:) It is very small right now, but I think that this is an area of the path that most people (unless you're familiar with it) don't normally explore:)

Brightest of Blessings to you all!!!

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Friday, August 16th, 2002
1:57 pm - Something That Merits Discussion

This was sent to me by a friend who is Wiccan... She and I share a lot of values as far as being responsible for your actions and intent. I thought that it was worth putting out for others to discuss and learn from. I hope that we can all find something of value in it.

Moss from a gravestone," I repeated. "It says if you carry it in your pocket, it'll attract luck -- financial luck, especially." "Hey,I know where to get some!" said Alisande. We trotted off to an old graveyard. The omens felt auspicious. We left nine pennies in offering to Oya, Yoruba keeper of cemeteries. Three days after distributing the moss to our coven, we went to visit a wise Elder, adept in both Wiccan and Orisha traditions. "You did what?" The jovial expression seeped from his face. "Where did you get that information?" We named the book. He took it down from his shelf -- naturally he had it; his shelves are better stocked than the Library of Congress. He shook his head at the entry. "And where is the author now?" Our mouths gaped. We'd read the author's obituary the week before. "The problem with taking the moss," our Elder explained, "is that you're actually borrowing power from the graveyard spirits. Are you prepared to give them what they want in return?" It took an entire Moon to retrieve the moss. Nearly everyone had misplaced theirs. We finally located it all and returned it to the graveyard. Sprinkling cologne on the graves, we left more pennies. "Indulge us. Forgive us our foolishness. We meant no harm." Moral: Don't play with
graveyard magic.

You Would Call Up . . . Whom? We had failed to consider the powers we were calling upon. We'd run out and gathered our moss without looking into possible consequences. With the proliferation of Pagan books now on the stands, any novice can invoke a few Gods and cast a spell. But in practice it's not that simple. For instance, an up-and-coming Pagan author lists Lilith under "fertility," "children," and "motherhood." So if you're trying to conceive a child, you might want to invoke Lilith, right? Wrong. Research shows that Lilith was fertile--in giving birth to 100 sextuplets?) -- Or you might get Rosemary's baby. You might also have a perfectly normal baby, but why take a chance?
Invoke Demeter or Danu instead.
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Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
5:40 pm - Hey there!

Hi I'm new and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Rosalea. I am friendly and open to making some new friends. I am open minded and interested in topics of discussion that make you think or just make you laugh (I always like a good laugh.) I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and hope to give as much as I am sure I will be getting from being a part of this communtiy!

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Friday, July 19th, 2002
12:30 pm - The Tower and Personal Development

This was originally posted by myself to a newsletter of sorts that I help out with. I thought I'd share it here. It's written for those who practice witchcraft, but I think it is good for anyone who seeks self-knowledge.

The development of a witch’s relationship with the gods and the rest of the world is a complex process. This process involves a number of stages and experiences. Each of these results in a transformation that forever changes the witch and the way she relates to everyone and everything around her.

I have been pondering the nature of one such transformation for some time now. This is the transformational mystery that is symbolized in the Tarot card The Tower. The importance of this mystery cannot be ignored despite its frightening appearance – or its equally frightening implications. To do so would be to ignore the call of the gods.

The Tower card in the Tarot deck usually depicts a great stone structure. This edifice – usually depicted as being struck by lightning – is violently breaking apart. Often, at least one individual is shown falling from this crumbling structure. The common interpretation of this card during readings can usually be summarized as “destruction caused by pride.” However, I would suggest that a more accurate interpretation in a spiritual context would be “destruction of ego.”

It is important to note that when I say “ego” in this context, I mean it in its Jungian sense rather than in the popular sense the word usually implies. The “ego” of The Tower is referring to self-perception instead of an exaggerated sense of self-importance. The mystery that The Tower urges to embrace is the necessary destruction of our self-identities.

One must realize that this is an inevitable step in the spiritual journey. To consider the Tarot, we should consider prior cards in the Major Arcana that represent other stages of the process. The Heirophant encourages us to examine and reevaluate our views of and relationships with outside authority figures. The Devil then asks us to break off the shackled of bondage that we allow the world to place upon us. It is only reasonable that a further step would require the reevaluation and destruction of the self-image we have crafted for ourselves over the years.

This step is essential to rebuilding that self-image – and the resulting worldviews that stem from it – in a new manner. The new identity and worldview will have a more solid foundation. Therefore it will be more durable. This ideal is often symbolized in Tarot decks by the slant of the Base of The Tower or some other sign that the structure lacked integrity. If we are unwilling to consider that our own personal foundations need to be changed and the weak structures built upon them torn down to be replaced with something better, we have no hope of true growth.

It is unfortunate that it has become common in our society to question external authorities without also questioning ourselves as well. In effect, we have toppled one group of authorities in our lives only to replace them with another that we often leave unchallenged. The result is often poorly built identities and resulting worldviews. The mystery of The Tower calls us each to correct this oversight.

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Monday, July 15th, 2002
8:27 pm - I Did It! We Now Can Gather Together For Sacred_Dance!

Well thanks to interest being shown we now have a community just for sharing our experiences... It's called sacred_dance. Check it out!

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2:16 pm - Anyone Interested?

In a community based on sacred dance? For detailes go here:

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12:56 pm - Apprenticing My Sons

I don't know if anyone else here is instructing their children in their traditions and in the skills that go with them or not. Since my kids came to me and asked I have been trying very hard to be a good parent and a good instructor at the same time..I also am trying to make sure that my beliefs and my ex-husbands don't clash so much as to put the boys in a 'you must choose' kind of situation. It is really hard to walk this line... Does anyone else here have a similar situation? I think I am doing pretty well. This weekend was a 'let's sit as a family and talk about some things that cross over' weekend... Next weekend who knows?

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