Little Shaman (littleshaman) wrote in magicwithin,
Little Shaman


I need a few opinions on something, guys. I know this needs to be my decision,b ut I really want to see what insight others might have into this.
I'm getting a tattoo done, probably sometime next week. As it stands, it's a pentacle with an ouroborous wrapped around the circle (the one eating its tail, not the tail-curled-in one) What I'm having trouble deciding on is the coloration to use for it. It's going to be at the base of my spine, so I was going to make the snake rainbow colored to reflect some kundalini serpent symbolism, but once I saw the snake drwn out I just knew is was green. It also occured to me to keep the snake green but make the pentacle rainbow (it's faceted, kinda three dimensional looking, so colors would be added inside a black outline). Then I thought about keeping the pentacle black, the snake rainbow, and putting vines intertwined in the star to include some green. I kinda feel like that would be too busy, though. Essentially I'm frustrated because I really wanted the rainbow symbolism in there, to honor all the facets of human experience without over emphasizing any one in particular...
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