Frazer Kirkman (frazer) wrote in magicwithin,
Frazer Kirkman


I just wrote to a few friends,
and thought I would share my thoughts:

>Why are we here?

well the short answer is :

to make the world a better place,
the world has so much potential
and there are also so many things
going wrong, causing pain, etc..

and we are able to make a difference,
so we should. And we can be most fulfilled
by relieving peoples pain, and bringing happiness.

The shorter answer is to become enlightened.

The long answer will unfold the more we speak.

>Do you know the secrets of the universe?



Whats been important for you lately?

I've been really focussing on effectiveness.
Cutting out actions, conversations and thoughts
which aren't for world improvement.
I know its a tall ask, but if everyone was 100%
on task, then our world would be angelic...

so its what I'm aiming for.

I have also been contemplating what is important
and effective. What is most important is an
enlightened world, where people are not slaves
to their minds and programs.

This would lead to a happy world, a world of peace
and connection between all life.

I have been contemplating as to the most effective
way to bring optimal enlightenment to the most people
in the quickest possible time.

are you still planning inspirational media,
movies - music - books?


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